Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blue and White

I love blue and white pottery. I don't have too many pieces but when I see a bargain I try to get something. There was an estate auction in my neighborhood on Saturday, and they had a bunch of blue and white pottery. I managed to get two pieces very reasonably. I love this big vase and have the perfect corner for it in my family room.

I was also lucky enough to get this pretty blue plate. I was hoping to get more but I was outbid way above my limit.

I have been stitching but not making a whole lot of progress. I did manage to finish my May ornament. It's by Plum Pudding and stitched on a scrap of Light Examplar.

I've made some progress on Primitive Needle's Simply Live. It's stitched on Vintage Sand Dune with floss color changes by my friend Jan at OOE.

I 've stitched a bit on PS Weaterwise. I was hoping on having this finished before now, but Simply Live keeps calling my name.

Thanks for reading and commenting and
happy stitching!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Owen

Today is my youngest grandson Owen's 6th birthday. I can't believe that he could be 6 already. It seems like he was just a chubby toddler.

I've been busy being a Nana the past few weeks. Since I've retired I love going to all their school things. Our oldest grandson, Wiley, was confirmed a couple of weeks ago.

Note the cuffs hanging out of the sleeves. We had to force him to put the tie and blazer back on for the picture. What is it about young boys and ties and jackets?

Since then I've been to Grandparent's Day at the youngest GD's school, a spring concert at her school, a spring concert at the second youngest GS's school, and last night we went to one of the twin's piano recital and out to dinner with them afterwards.

I can't believe that I haven't written for so long. I haven't been making a lot of progress on my stitching. I think that I have too many projects started and way too many that I want to start. I have managed to finish two small pieces. The first is The Trilogy's Summer Spots that will eventually become a pinkeep.

The second is SB's Year In Stitches June. I started this series forever ago and this year I'm determined to finish it. I think this piece will become a flatfold.

The other night I started the Blackbird design freebie that everyone was stitching a few weeks ago, but haven't done enough to take a picture. My other pieces are coming along very slowly and I'll try to post an update soon.
Have a good weekend and happy stitching!