Friday, March 4, 2011

One Eyed Flying Purple People Eater

Any one remember that song from many, many years ago, or are you all too young? That's what I feel like right now. I guess I should explain. I've got glaucoma and have had it for years. I've had three laser surgeries on each eye to open drainage holes and had surgery where they cut a slit in your eye on the right eye in Dec. 2009. I've also got cataracts on both eyes and the one on the right eye has decided to grow and has left me with very little vision in that eye. Cataract surgery is scheduled for that eye on April 6 and glaucoma and cataract surgery on the left eye on April 27 if all goes well from the earlier one. The good side is that my vision should improve and hopefully no glasses except reading glasses any more and no more daily eye drops.

Needless to say this is making it hard to stitch and it will be even harder for a while after the surgeries. I've been mostly stitching ornaments because I have 7 I need to stitch for my grandkids and some for friends.
I did manage to finish LHN's Snow White and love the way it turned out.

I've stitched three ornaments but haven't done the finishing yet. Britty Puppy and Angel Stitchin's Santa's Buddies are for the grandkids, and LHN's Peppermint Twist may just hang on my tree.

I've made some slow progress on LHN's Belle Pepper.
I hope to finish this before the first surgery and after that will probably be doing some large count kits I've had for a while. Enough whining though!
I'll leave you with a picture of my youngest daughter the night we went with her family to celebrate her birthday at a hibachi restaurant. When the chef heard it was her birthday he had her come join him to help, and this is what he had her do. And yes, the restaurant is still standing.

Until next time, happy stitching!