Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First UFO Finish

Greetings from snowy southwestern Ohio. We only got about 4 inches of snow, and that usually shuts this hilly city down. But the road crews were out early so althought many schools closed, many stayed open. My grandchildren are bemoaning the fact that theirs did not close.

Back in November, when I thought about what I might stitch during this new year, I had decided to concentrate on series that were not finished. I have a bad habit of starting series and getting distracted and not finishing them. Then I found out about Up for a Challenge where you are supposed to challenge yourself to finish 15 UFO's. Dumb old me, I didn't think I had 15 unfinished projects, so decided to sign up any way and count the unfinished series as UFO's. I did find more than 15 unfinished pieces but decided only list some of them.

Several years ago, in 2007 I think, Janice(no blog), Elaine, and I started a SAL with LHN's Snowflakes. Spring arrived without our finishing it so we put it away until the following year. Unfortunaltely God had other plans and called Elaine home to him after a short illness. If you read Siobhan's blog, she wrote a wonderful tribute to Elaine back in October. Unlike Siobhan, I was never fortunate enough to meet Elaine in person, but still considered her a good friend. We shared many emails, and she was always ready to listen and find the good in everyone and everything. I couldn't pick Snowflakes back up until last winter when I stitched a little on it, but it brought back many bittersweet memories, and wnet back into the UFO pile. Last week, I felt the time had come to finish it as part of the Up for a Challenge. I still would like to put Elaine's initials on it someplace as a tribute to her.
I think LHN's Snow White will be the next unfinished piece after I finish my January ornament.

Until next time, keep warm and Happy Stitching,