Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Rainy Monday

The wind is blowing 40 mph gusts, and it's thundering, lightening, and pouring rain here in Southwestern Ohio today. It's a good day to finally update this blog. I swear my blogging mojo, both writing and reading, has gone with my stitching mojo. This is partly caused by stress andpartly because of my vision. I tend to retreat into books when I'm stressed. DH and our son-in-law have both had some health issues, but they are both recovering. My cataract surgery is scheduled for Wednesday for one eye. Looking out of  my right eye is sort of like looking through a fogged up window.Thank goodness for my Kindle with the adjustable font.

I have managed to do a little stitching and finished LHN's Belle Pepper and a cute little ornament for my animal loving granddaughter by Casey Buonaugurio from the December 2008 JCS.

Over the weekend I started LHN's Singing the Blues and I've been working on a PS pin pillow for a retreat I'm going to in June. Hopefully after the second cataract surgery at the end of the month my stitching mojo will return.
Our twin grandsons had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. They are 13 already. I don't know where the time goes.

Until next time Happy Stitching and thanks for visiting.