Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did You Ever Wonder....?

Did you ever wonder why you make some of the cross stitch decisions you do and then not follow through or wonder why you ever decided that in the first place? For example, the cross stitch series that many designers put out. I've started so many and haven't finished any of them. I think I did 10 of the first series of L*K Flippits, 11 of the HIHN Monthly Manias, and 5 of the SB Year in Stitches. Other things call my name and I never seem to work on finishing these.

Sometimes I wonder why I decided to make my grandchildren an ornament each year. It seemed like a rational decision 13 years ago when my youngest daughter gave birth to my first grandson. I only have 2 daughters and I figured probably 4 grandchildren at the most. But then 18 months later my oldest DD had a little girl, and four months later my youngest had identical twin boys. So then there were 4 ornaments to make which wasn't such a big deal. Then two years later, the oldest had another girl, 18 months later the youngest had another boy, and 9 months later the oldest had a boy. So I found myself frantically stitching 7 ornaments in November and December. Since I've retired the DD's have decided they'd like an ornie too. Then there are the ones for exchanges and friends. I finally decided to try to stitch 2 a month and that works out much better and I'm only frantically doing the finishing in November.

I just finished number 7 for this year. It's a PS ornie from the Santas and Snowmen chart. This makes me wonder too why I think I can stitch much faster than I do. I figured this would be finished in a couple of days, but it took more like 5 days. In my defense, I did work on a few other projects during that time too.

I've done 3 more PS freebies, a Sue Hillis, one by Maryse from the Gift of Stiching, and a snowman I found on Erynne's blog.

Happy stitching!


Brigitte said...

Hmmm, I often have these thoughts. I once joined one of Chatelaine's mysteries and was highly determined to follow through the monthly installments, but what happened was that I stopped after the third installment. And that was it. Since then it's become my oldest UFO. And I'm not sure if I will ever get back to it although it's such a nice design.
I love the story of the ongoing multiplication of your ornament stitching. And your ornaments are all so pretty. Your family will love them.

Siobhan said...

The ornaments are beautiful!! And yes, I have done that on many things--started a series only to fizzle out later. I have the attention span of a gnat, apparently! LOL

Jan said...

I love all of your ornaments! But I know they are labor-intensive, not only the stitching, but the finishing! You are doing good, with your two a month, hmmm, maybe you better up that to three, and then if everything comes out right, you will be ahead of the game in 2010! LOL LOL

I wonder all of the time, at my sanity level, specially in relation to my stitching and stash!

Stephanie said...

Think of the treasures you're creating for your grandchildren! They'll have hand-made ornaments to hang on their first Christmas tree when they're out on their own.

Sharon said...

Kathy, they are all so pretty. Good for you for stitching early. I have many to stitch too and have not started any. Yours are wonderful.

Mary Beth said...

It's definitely a labor of love, Kathy! I feel the same about the stockings and birth samplers I do for my Great Nephews and Niece. It's a lot of work, but they are truly appreciated, I know.

Just love the Pirate Santa!!