Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Greetings from the home of the germs....

My husband and I have spent the past 10 days coughing and blowing noses. After antibiotics didn't work, the doctor has decided that since so much of this sinus/bronchitis like stuff is going around that it is viral and has to run its course. He put us both on prednisone and said if it wasn't better in two weeks to come back. Two Weeks!!!! I don't have time for this. I was supposed to spend a long stitchy weekend at Jan's and had to cancel and, boy, was I bummed about that.
I haven't been doing much stitching but do have a few pieces to share. I finished LHN's Autumn Sampler that has been my Saturday night piece for a while.
I managed to stitch and finish into pin pillows two of La D Da's T'is Green from the JCS preview issue and another little freebie  piece from Aurelle's blog.
I finally got to work on doing the finishing on some of the ornaments I stitched for the grandkids. I've got five of them finished, so have two more to do. I think I need to get a fancy blade for my rotary cutter because it's too hard to cut straight with pinking shears.
Last fall I stitched JBW's A Very Merry Autumn but never got around to finishing it. I found some nice fall fat quarters at JoAnns and made it into a little pillow.

Thanks for all of your comments.
Until next time Happy Stitching!


Deb said...

I hope that you feel better soon. My daugher had that and it took forever to clear up! All your ornaments looks wonderful.

Jan said...

Boy, you have been getting a lot finished lately! Love your LHN finish and those pin pillows are SO pretty!!!! The kiddies ornaments are so cute too!!!

You have to know how bummed I was, that you couldn't come! Hope you feel much better each and every day and it doesn't last another two weeks, egads!!!

Take care {{{{hugs}}}}

Anonymous said...

Awesome looking finishing, Kathy! Love your pin pillows and the grands ornaments turned out super! And I love your JBW finish! Perfect for autumn!

Sending feel better hugs your way!


Kathy said...

I hope you are feeling better and that the germs all go far, far away. :)

Love all your finishes but especially the ormaments. My fav has to be the Bitter kitty pup. :)

Brigitte said...

Wow, your finishes look fantastic!
I hope your are soon on the mend.

Siobhan said...

Nice stitching and finishing, Kathy! I always love getting to see the parade of ornaments that you do for your grands. What a treasure for them! I hope you and your DH are feeling better soon. I always hate to hear "oh, it's a virus" from the doctor, since that means no meds. :P