Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lazy--that's me! I haven't blogged forever and I've been reading all your blogs and have been too lazy to comment. I promise I will try to be better.

I have been stitching and have a few things to share.The biggest finish is LHN's Yesteryear. I love it and can't wait to get it framed.

About 20 years ago when my youngest DD was in college, she spent a semester at Miami U of Ohio's campus in Luxembourg. Figuring it would be my only chance to get to Europe, I flew over and met her in Luxembourg and then we spent a week in Paris. DH doesn't like to fly so I bit the bullet and went alone. When I saw BBD's Eiffel Tower freebie, Souvenir de France, I just had to stitch it.

I love patriotic pieces and when Stacy(no blog) offered to share her finished chart, I took her up on the offer and stitched LHN's Liberty and Justice.

Finally, this is my July ornament, a freebie from Les Grilles de Maryse.

All of DH's medical tests came back clear so we are heading to Petoskey, MI next Wednesday to spend August at the lake. All the grandkids will be coming for a shot time so it should be fun. I'm hoping summer will be coming to northern Michigan too. My brother said it has been very cool and overcast much of the summer.

Jan is having a wonderful give away to celebrate the birth of her first grandchild.

Happy stitching and thanks for all the wonderful comments.

Happy stitching and thanks for your comments.


Dawn said...

Beautiful works. Welcome back!! Hope you join us once again. Glad your husband tests came back clear. HUGS ~ Dawn ~

Anonymous said...

Hey Kath-

Your finishes look great, but then I have already told you that! LOL

Enjoy your time at the cabin in Michigan! Get in lots of reading and a bit of stitching!

Hugs, Robin

Siobhan said...

Kathy, you don't have time for blogging and commenting because you're too busy cranking out gorgeous finishes!! YGG! I love 'em all. I think I'm partial to the Liberty & Justice and the Souvenir de Paris as my favorites, but they're all lovely.

Have a fabulous time in N. Michigan!

Kathy said...

Just had to comment after seeing the reference to Miami's Luxembourg campus. My husband and I also visited there about 10 years ago or so when a friend of ours was teaching there. Our son is a Miami alum but didn't study in Lux. It's a lovely area and we had a wonderful visit.

I live about 50 miles north of your area and am wondering if you would share where you shop for cross-stitch supplies. I'm not all that familiar with shops in your area but need to do some exploring.

Thanks. I enjoy seeing all your lovely stitching.

Deb said...

Love all your pieces. Wishing you a great time up north! Our weather here in Michigan has been really cool - not typical summer weather at all. Hopefully, the weather will realize it's summer and give you some glorious weather!!

Dawn said...

Got it! Got it! I'm dancing!! LOL Thank you for your help!! **hugs**

Sharon said...

Oh everything is so pretty. I love what you stitched. That Little house I bought while on vacation so I will have to stitch it very soon. xoxox

Mary Beth said...

Everything looks wonderful, Kathy! Still just love the Yesteryear piece and that oh, so pretty ornament.

Have a safe trip up to the lake!

Janice said...

A wonderful update, Kathy! Enjoy your time up north and get in lots of time with the grands AND your stitching!

Brigitte said...

You have some beautiful finishes, Kathy. And the Eiffel Tower freebie is such a great memory of your week in Paris.