Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Framing and an update

I just picked three pieces up from the framer. I found this gal about a year ago and am thrilled with her work.
The first is LHN's The Bookshelf:

LHN's Brave Hearts

LHN's Heart of America

I accomplished a little bit on Quaker Silence this week. I love the way it is stitching up.

Have a great weekend and happy stitching.


Maggie said...

Great finishes! Your post reminded me that i have 'The Bookshelf' tucked away somewhere ready to start, i shall have to find it out.!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful frames for beautiful stitching, Kathy! Just awesome!

Your progress on Quaker Silence is so pretty! Love your fiber combination!


Deb said...

Great finishes and the framing is excellent. It's so nice when you can find a good framer that you can count on! And your WIP is looking fantastic too - love the colors.

Dawn said...

Those are beautiful! They did wonderful job. Treasure them! ~ Dawn ~

Brigitte said...

Ohhh! Beautiful choice of frames and perfectly framed. You have to stay with this framer.

Siobhan said...

Love the frames, Kathy! You must be so glad to have these all ready to go up on your walls.

Your stitching is looking great, too. :)

Stephanie said...

Your framer does an excellent job. Each frame perfectly showcases your beautiful stitching! I'm so enjoying your progress pics on Quaker Silence. Can't wait to see more!

Jeanne said...

They all look great! I couldn't pick a favorite.Good job and it's wonderful to find a good framer.

Mary Beth said...

Wonderful framing for your beautiful stitching, Kathy! And I love your color choices for QS!!!